TX - XML validation based on dynamic types

Por José João Almeida (‎jj‎) de Braga.pm
Data: sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2008 16:40
Duração: 20 minutos
Língua: English
Etiquetas: hop xml

XML Validation deals with several levels:
. Validate documents
. Validate "grammar" (eg. is correct according to a DTD)
. Simple semantic validation (eg. some values agree with a schema)

In this presentation we will discuss validation at a different level:

1. association of types with elements
2. For each type:
. define a function is-valid
. define a function fix-it (optional)
(types and functions can be dynamic)

TX is a Perl module and a DSL tool to help annotate and fix if possible
structured documents guided by types.